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Welcome to The Gold Observer by me, Jan Nieuwenhuijs—independent financial researcher and gold analyst. At The Gold Observer I publish research and commentary on the gold market, financial markets, economics, and the international monetary system. You can navigate this website through the Archive page that has a search field. The About page contains more information on who I am, copyrights, contact, and how to support and join the community.

Why Gold?

Gold has an unbeatable track record as a store of value, because it’s immutable and can’t be printed. Throughout history, gold has provided financial stability and prosperity for many civilizations. However, in my view, gold is currently undervalued relative to fiat currencies and underexposed in the public debate regarding monetary stability.

We live in extraordinary times. Since the last remnants of the gold standard were abandoned in 1971, central banks have increasingly printed more money, which has created financial bubbles, excessive debt levels, rising inequality, and moral hazard. The financial system has become so fragile that central banks are afraid to stop intervening, and continue printing more money—with all due consequences. Printing money is like a drug addiction; a disease many people unconsciously suffer from.

Unfortunately, after 1971 gold has been removed from economic textbooks. Ever since, few economists and journalists have been educated on gold. This is why in-depth gold research is paramount.


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